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Mr Phillips

Mr Phillips

Mr Phillips is a beautiful colt by Yorgunnabelucky. He has an impressive pedigree and is showing early signs of being an excellent racing prospect. His powerful build and strong hindquarters make him a great candidate for a dual-purpose horse, and we are confident he will excel as he matures. Mr Phillips is a horse full of potential, and we are excited to see him develop and reach his full potential.

  • Owner Entitlements

    • You will own 1% of the horse and receive 1% of any prize money he wins.


    • Priority access to watch your horses on race days with an owners badge.


    • Invitations to all events throughout the year.


    • Welcome pack including a share certificate and a pin badge.


    • Weekly updates including pictures and videos your horses.


    • Access to our private social media networks.


    • Partner discounts and special offers, and much more.

  • Monthly Fees

    Costs are £35 per month for each share owned in Mr Phillips to be paid by direct debit. If you buy a 1% share, it will cost £35 a month in total for that share.

    Costs cover training fees, regular vets bills, transport costs, entry fees and jockey fees.

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