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The Next Generation of Golden Equinox!

We spent this last weekend in Cambridge and Royston visiting our young horses with John & Wendy Jenkins.

These youngsters are currently and will in the future be part of our racing club & syndicate!

Stable visits are quite often the best days out I have as the racing manager. They differ greatly from a day at the races. A day at the races for me is filled with nervous excitement and the pressure of expectation from our shareholders & owners to see the horse run a good race. A day at the stables is such a laid back experience and normally it will be led by our trainer and their team, which gives me much more time to chat with our owners and really enjoy the day.

The day started with a walk around the stables, feeding the horses carrots & apples and taking lots of photos. We then took Dandilion (our ex-racehorse) and her Eqtidaar foal out into one of the small paddocks, so that everyone could see them both in the amazing setting John & Wendy are lucky to call their home. My Fiancee was lucky enough to take this fantastic photo of them both.

We were so excited to go and see our yearling out of Dandilion by Elzaam, We took her and one of Johns' yearlings into one of the bigger paddocks so we could see her run around and enjoy herself. There was so many comments from those who were in attendance about how well she looked and how nicely she moved around the paddock. Below is a video of her enjoying herself in the paddock, she is the filly with the white socks.

The excitement was now really building, as we had seen our foal and yearling. Now is the time we get to see our 2 year old's, Kohana Girl & Mr Phillips! When John & Wendy's team brought them out, there was collective gasp in excitement as Kohana Girl came out of her stable, she looks like a really nice racehorse!

Kohana Girl

Mr Phillips was a real suprise to us all. When we saw him last you could see he was a bit behind Kohana Girl, which is what we expected as we thought Mr Phillips would be a backend of the year 2 year old. However the progress he has made in just 6 months was really impressive. He looks like a really powerful, strong, stayer in the making.

Mr Phillips

We then headed to the gallops to watch Kohana Girl have a piece of work and she looked fantastic, she is quick, she moves really well and it just left everyone who attended excited to finally see her make her debut in the next few weeks. All of the videos of the time we spent warming the horses up and then with them on the gallops will be posted on our social media over the coming days, so be sure to keep an eye out for those videos.

There are limited shares available in Kohana Girl and Mr Phillips, who will both make their debut's this year and hopefully give their owners some fantastic days out. If you would like to get involved or have any questions, I would really like to hear from you. Click the link below to find out more about becoming an owner with us!

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog, I really do appreciate it.

Carl Woods Racing Manager

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